Advantages of a good planner

  • We work for YOU, not for the venue, so we tell you the pros and cons of everything not just the pros. We can openly discuss what works best for you and your budget. We know what questions to ask and what details to check, as sometimes not all the information is clear nor is it included in their menus.
  • It can be very hard for the couple to relax and enjoy the day with their guests if they´re the ones who´ve organised everything and are having to make sure things are running to schedule, everyone turns up and everyone is where they´re supposed to be and they get paid etc.
  • After years of planning hundreds of weddings, we know what works and what doesn´t. All couples have lots of ideas but little or no experience of what works well on the day itself and that´s where we come in!
  • CONSISTENCY is key! And with a good planner on board, this will be a life saver. You will be dealing with the same person from day one, right until the very end of your wedding day. Some venues may have an in house planner but these tend to change staff regularly, so you may have to start over with at least one new person mid plans.  CONSISTENCY gives peace of mind and you can´t put a price on that.
  • Don´t underestimate the amount of “behind the scenes” work, a good planner does. The wedding day flows mega easily on our watch, but don´t be fooled – it doesn´t happen naturally! It´s all thanks to meticulous planning, leaving no room for error, constant checks and triple checks and not presuming anything!
  • Many venues prefer not to deal with couples direct as it´s more work for them. We deal with your queries so they don´t have to. We have lots of experience working with the venues and have all the venue information at the ready to give to you.
  • Needless to say, there is no language barrier with us either.  This makes the whole process go a lot more smoothly and quickly.
  • Many good suppliers are too busy doing their job to deal with emails too. We will send you all the information quickly and answer your questions fully, as we work with the same suppliers over and over we have all their information to hand, ready to send to you and this can save a lot of time and frustration!
  • We will give advice and help you with everything and make sure everyone works as a team on the day. A venue planner or other supplier will rarely help you with details outside of the venues remit.
  • You get a level of protection because venues and other suppliers rely on us for regular business so they´re unlikely to take advantage of a couples inexperience and vulnerability if they have a planner.
  • We use only the best suppliers that have been tried and tested over many years because our reputation depends on it.



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